The Story of Naturals by Deborah Renée™

The journey to DR Products/Naturals by Deborah Renée™ began more than a decade ago when Deborah Renee, a divorced single mother of two, was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma. The remarkable recovery, and the life afterwards triggered her passion to help others like herself thru safe & healthy skincare, the prevention of skin disorders and anti-aging. She then returned to school and continued her passion to realize that there are thousands of really good products out there, but there are just as many, or even more, that don’t really do all they claim.

The majority of products on the market, have ingredients that are either in too small of concentrations, are packaged so that they lose their viability when air hits them day after day, or they just don’t penetrate the outer layer of skin to do any good at all! And often these “added” ingredients that sound so wonderful on the label, or smell so heavenly, can actually irritate your skin, and make your condition worse! She introduced her own line of skincare products in 2007 under Deborah Renee label which had a cult following of many who recognized the benefits.

Deborah continued her work over the years, with even more emphasis on Gluten, Soy & GMO-free products. With the help of a world-class formulator/chemist, she created several lines of products, and perfected them after many trials and testing. The people who have used them were so ecstatic about the results & remain loyal customers! We consistently receive calls, emails & texts with new stories!

Thus born Naturals by Deborah Renée, with a great team of world-class people who are committed to bringing you great products that will do only good to your skin, your family (both 2 AND 4 legged!), and the environment. The Naturals by Deborah Renée face is not of high-paid celebrities, but the many faces of happy, satisfied customers!

Our Naturals by Deborah Renée team has set our goal as to continue to bring out all-natural products containing only the highest quality “active” ingredients, and conspicuously lack the exotic, potentially irritating, sensitizing, and often unnecessary ingredients, chemicals, and plant extracts. We leave out the ingredients that are known in clinical testing, to be irritants, harmful or dangerous for your skin …such as many of the fragrant plant oils used in some of the more “pricey” skin-care lines.

We never add dyes or artificial preservatives, fragrances or “fillers” that merely “look” good on the label. We said NO to Dyes, Alcohol, Parabens, non-natural Fragrances or any dangerous chemicals. The unique light scent is created using natural essential oils. Clinical studies of our ingredients show results can be seen in days, with even more drastic improvement of skin with continued use as directed. Even more impressive are the well-formulated multipurpose cleansers, moisturizers , medical skincare products , acne line, and specialty anti-aging treatments. All of our products are concentrated, and strong enough to work…yet safe and gentle to your skin!

Our products are always packaged so that air sensitive ingredients remain stable, and designed so fingers are never used to “dip” into containers introducing harmful bacteria to your products.

Overall, Naturals by Deborah Renee™ products are admired by clients for their simplicity and, for the most part, for the well-thought-out formulations that are simple to use , multipurpose, priced fairly, AND actually do what they promise! They are truly products with integrity!

*All lines created by DR Products, are developed and manufactured in the USA. DR Products is proud to be a SBA Certified Woman-Owned Small Business.

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