Testimonials on DR Products Natural Skincare Remedies

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Our wonderful friends and customers are the reason we’re in the Natural Skin Care Products business. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, and receive only the BEST natural skincare too! Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us & our natural skincare remedies!


I was visiting with my friend Deb one afternoon and ask her if there was anything she had that I could use to help my scalp. I was having some irritation & itching from the chemo I was receiving at the time. She said she would put together something safe for me to try! A few weeks later, she showed up with a bottle of spray for me to try. We first visited with my doctor at Texas Oncology, about the ingredients, and he said it was safe to use. Wow…what a difference it made! When she ask me a few hours later “how does it feel?”, I was surprised…”I guess it worked great!” I said, as I realized had forgotten all about my scalp itching!! I told her she needed to bottle that up, it was great! After using her newly found product for a few weeks, I also noticed my hair was growing much faster than before I started using it. I promised Deb I would dye my hair pink if it grew back and it did!! I was soon supporting a pink mohawk at my annual fundraiser! Thanks Deb, hope you are a great success with this wonderful product. I think a lot of people will appreciate what it can do for them just like I did! Love you girl, good luck!  Marc T 



  • “A friend of mine suggested I contact Deborah Renee about a red, dry & itchy irritated area on my shin that I had been trying to clear up  for many months. Nothing the doctor gave me, or I bought elsewhere seemed to work. I ordered a bottle of Hydramist and began applying it to the area a couple of times a day. The itching stopped almost immediately and within 24 hours the redness began to go away! Within a few days the entire area was clear!! Thanks again guys, I really appreciate it and will spread the word that it REALLY does work for lots of things, I will definitely try it on any other irritations, rashes, or sunburns I may get in the future!!” 🙂    Sam S.


  • “We use HydraMist Plus for our daughters’ diaper rash and it works beautifully! No alcohol, so it doesn’t burn or sting. No chemicals so we feel safe using it on our baby! Now we use it on so many things too! Thanks Deborah!”    EG-Texas


  • “LOVE IT!!! Use it everyday for “something”! HydraMist+Plus is a perfect light facial moisturizer for my sensitive skin, rosacea & occasional breakouts, PLUS rashes, sunburn, burns…we now put it on anything red, itching or irritated for quick relief! Thanks for such a great multi-use product that will always have a spot in our medicine cabinet!”    N.O(age 54)-Dallas, TX


“I bought this cream for my mom when. she was going through radiation treatment for breast cancer. She was having a difficult time with the pain. she said that this cream was the only thing that helped her and that she didn’t know how she would have made it through her treatments with out this cream. She was upset because she felt that the doctors never really told her exactly how bad the burns could be from radiation and she also felt that the doctors didn’t do enough to help her pain. I found this online and it was a miracle. It really helped my mom and she couldn’t imagine going through her treatments without it. Now the doctors know about it too and will hopefully be recommending it to others. Well worth the money and a must have if you are suffering from radiation burns.”

– s.s.

“My husband uses this for his face, which had radiation six years ago. He has tried most products and finds this the best. We cant buy it in NZ but it is worth buying in USA and getting someone to send it to us.”

– Lorraine R

“Outstanding product for easing the pain from radiation. I recommend this product to all the breast cancer patients I meet. I do not know why the oncologists do not recommend this cream. A little bit goes a long way. The cream recommended by the dermatologist was almost $500. A tube. What a big difference. If you have radiation burns try this cream! A recent breast cancer patient.”

– Doris V