Radx® Radiation Therapy Cream


What is Radx Radiation Therapy?

Radx Radiation Therapy has helped thousands of patients in both the US and internationally since its introduction in 2003. Developed in conjunction with oncology nurses and doctors, these over the counter (OTC) lotions are used in hundreds of cancer centers to prevent radiation dermatitis and are specifically formulated to provide immediate pain relief, reduce inflammation, and help aid in keeping all dermal layers of the skin hydrated.

  • 2% Lidocaine for Immediate Pain Relief (Radx “R”)
  • Anti-inflammatories: Sea Buckthorn, Papain, Bromelain
  • Organic Aloe to sooth and promote Healing
  • Beta Glucan & Hyaluronic Acid to Hydrate Damaged skin

With daily applications, most patients are able to complete an entire radiation series without interruption due to skin breakdown.

Brief History of Radx Radiation Therapy

In late 1990’s my brother was diagnosed at MD Anderson with throat cancer. Working with the head of the head/neck department, he underwent an extensive radiation/chemo program, which produced skin burning (radiation dermatitis, it’s now called). With our 33 year history in burn relief products, we sent MD Anderson a product we had developed in 1980’s, called Burn-Off and later expanded to be called Marine Sting, to treat jellyfish and Portuguese man-of-war stings. They used it on my brother and while everyone else’s skin diminished through their treatments (as is normal), my brother’s improved. He was also pain free.

Sensing we had something, the head oncologist at MD Anderson recommended we change the name and introduce as ASTRO. We did that and in 2003, introduced Radx Radiation Therapy as a one item line. The product is made with organic aloe, beta glucan, hyaluronic acid, sea buckthorn, papain and bromelain, and has 2% lidocaine. The nurses and doctors refer to this as Radx “R”. A year later, having worked with hundreds of oncology nurses, we introduced Radx “M”. Same item without lidocaine, called Radx “M”.

The summary is that we are introducing to oncologists and cancer centers, largely through oncology nurses. This is a product that works immediately on pain and overnight on redness/inflammation. Much needed. We actually created the category of a specific product for radiation dermatitis, and now that we are into the 100% natural business (Carefree Natural sunscreens, sold exclusively to professionals —Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons, Oncology offices, Med-Spas and Spas) and Rubber Ducky (sold through health food stores, naturopaths, homeopaths and in sports and children’s retailers), through DR Products, LLC and MyDRProducts.com. We will create a short line of product that builds on the 11 year successful history of Radx (we have treated 60,000 cancer patients and there has been a “buzz” in the cancer community on Radx for a while now).

Thank you for your interest,

Steve Finley, Radx Founder/Developer

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 7 in


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