100% All-Natural Sealant, Protectant, Moisturizing Mist to Promote Natural Healing


Helps Promote Natural Healing Moisturizes, soothes, calms & protects inflamed, irritated, or itching skin associated with:

          Allergic Dermatitis                     Atopic Dermatitis 

          Poison Ivy/Oak                             Psoriasis/Eczema  

          Rosacea                                          Minor Burns/Abrasions

          Post-Sutures                                 Acne/Blemish-Prone Skin

          Sunburn/Windburn                    Heat Rash/Diaper Rash

          Post-Tattoo                                   Dry Skin

          Post-Waxings/Laser Treatments/Chemical Peels/Microdermabrasion

Recommended for use BEFORE, DURING & AFTER Chemotherapy/Radiation. With daily applications, most patients are able to complete an entire radiation series without interruption due to skin breakdown.  (Will also help to keep patient scalp healthier during chemo for faster hair regrowth after treatments are completed.)
Soothes & Protects Skin Irritations caused by casts, braces, bandages, diapers. Ideal for Ostomy sites and skin compromised by urine & fecal matter.

Recommended by Medical Professionals, Cancer Treatment Centers, Oncologists, Urologists, Pharmacists, AND Patients. For samples or ordering information, please contact: Sales@MyDRproducts.com

Plant-Based, Vegan. No Alcohol, Artificial Fragrances, Dyes, Parabens, or other irritating/dangerous chemicals.

FREE of Soy, Gluten & GMO’s

Non-Toxic, Safe for men, women & children of ANY age and may be used on any area of the body including face, genital & perianal areas.

Size: 3 fl oz

Insurance HCPCS#A6250 ( Allowable by most insurance carriers, including MEDICAID)

For samples or ordering information, please contact: Sales@MyDRproducts.com

Please contact sales@mydrproducts.com for ordering info or to find your nearest retail location.

Additional information


3 fl oz Treatment Spritz Bottle


Clear liquid spray. No chemical smell or odor. Non-oily or greasy.


SCALP: Spritz affected area lightly. Can be massaged into scalp after shampooing while hair is still wet or when dry. Let soak in well before applying another product. Will not effect other hair care products.
BODY or FACE: Spritz area lightly and let dry before applying another product.

1 review for 100% All-Natural Sealant, Protectant, Moisturizing Mist to Promote Natural Healing

  1. deborahrenee

    Marc Thompson Testimonial for HydraMist+Plus (12-09-13)

    I was visiting with my friend Deb one afternoon and ask her if there was anything she had that I could use to help my scalp. I was having some irritation & itching from the chemo I was receiving at the time. She said she would put together something safe for me to try! A few weeks later, she showed up with a bottle of spray for me to try. We first visited with my doctor at Texas Oncology, about the ingredients, and he said it was safe to use.

    Wow…what a difference it made! When she ask me a few hours later “how does it feel?”, I was surprised…”I guess it worked great!” I said, as I realized had forgotten all about my scalp itching!! I told her she needed to bottle that up, it was great! After using her newly found product for a few weeks, I also noticed my hair was growing much faster than before I started using it. I promised Deb I would dye my hair pink if it grew back and it did!! I was soon supporting a pink mohawk at my annual fundraiser! Thanks Deb, hope you are a great success with this wonderful product. I think a lot of people will appreciate what it can do for them just like I did!

    Love you girl, good luck!

    Marc T.

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